Red Jack Music is a small music publishing company based in Liverpool, England.

Some history...
Many years ago, Dave Leach, Keith Rycroft and Andy Wood of the band Common Ground formed Common Ground Music as a way of protecting the copyright in their work without having to go to an "established" music publisher. Over the years, a number of local Merseyside musicians also assigned the copyright in their works to Common Ground Music. Time passed, and Dave, Keith and Andy went their separate musical ways.

After the formation of the band Two For His Heels, Dave Leach and Alan Williams wished to do the same thing. At this time, both Keith and Andy agreed to hand over all of the copyright assignments held by Common Ground Music to the newly formed Red Jack Music.

In 2013, Dave & Keith joined with Chloe Randall to form the folk band Curly Pig. As many of the songs held by RJM were written by Keith, it was decided that he would become a partner of Red Jack Music - which is where we are now.

Please take a look around our site.  If you want to know more about Red Jack Music, or have any songs you feel should be protected, please Contact Us.