When I think of it, you and I could have made it
Coming through those city gates
We could have stunned them all
You would have been king
I would have been your right hand
You had the style, we could have taken command

I didn't know that you wanted to go it alone
That the solitary martyr's stance
It was your course
We could have set the world to right
Been a great sensation overnight
A stabilised economy can set a nation right

I thought that you would be a panacea
For our present ills
I thought that you would be a champion
Of the people's cause
What you did was lunatic
So we cashed in, and we cashed in quick
This time boys we backed the wrong horse

Didn't I tell you it was all written down?
Didn't want your power
Didn't want your gold
I was seeking out the hearts of men
So my story could be told again and again
My love cannot be bought or sold

And the Devil, he showed me all those kingdoms of the world
He said, 'They're yours, yours to command'
Tricks and politics to impress the land
Well now I could have turned those stones to bread
And made cakes and ale for all
But my body it was the bread instead
My blood the sweet wine for all