I've heard it said that your song can be heard
Deep down in my soul but my soul is shallow
I've been looking into this empty heart of mine
And it's lying fallow

So won't you come - won't you plant that melody?
Upon this point my heart and I agree
Start up a chorus in this disjointed me
And then we will see what can be

Note for note we can get it right
Sing and dance all through the night
Sing and dance till the morning light
Sing and dance all through the night
Sing and dance, no discordant note in sight

I could give it all up
And sing in unison not harmony
But it's not my place in a one-man band
I just couldn't stand it
Can't you see?

So won't you come...

In this life we must run the course
Be careful not to mount the wrong horse
Though it seems a possibility
Don't beat yourself to the winning post
Sing up for Father, Son and Holy Ghost
And eternity

So won't you come...