Summer comes as summer will
Publicity comes to town
Front view, side face
And in a dressing gown
In a dressing gown
And the sweet young girls from the mission
Bring those invitations round
Saying, 'Come, come, come and hear'
But they only come round once a year
Straight to the door of the man
For him the special 'Lost Soul' smile
He's amazed at their youth
Their ideals and truth
So decided to smile a while

In the auditorium
The preacher was holding sway
As the man turned to go
He said, 'Why don't you find the Lord today, my brother,
Why don't you find the Lord today?'

But I had to go
No, no I couldn't stay
When you spoke of God's truth
It seemed so aloof
And the common ground we had just slipped away
Slipped away
When you said Jesus died
I couldn't help feeling denied
Oh it's easy for you to pray
So come down from your stage
And be the man of your age
Or doesn't God want it that way, that way
I can't reach for your sky
It's too high
But can I reach you?