There was a man called Francis Bernadone
Lived in ancient Italy
He was a soldier of the king
Fighting for the crown of Sicily
One day when he was riding out to war
A voice there seemed to be
Saying “Francis, fight no more in this mortal strife
Francis, come and fight for me”

“From the days of your early childhood
You've heard my voice and known my name
And though the world was larger then
Men still play at life as at a game”

Francis donned the beggar's robe
A fool to friends and family
He seemed to hear that same voice say
“Francis be a fool for me”
Went to his cave on the mountainside
In all solemnity
The morning came with brother sun
Saying, “Brother, bright as bright we'll be”

And he came out of his cave on the mountainside
Singing and dancing, standing on his head
He saw Assisi upside-down
Hanging on a single thread
He said “Lord it's gonna slip into the sky away
And where will my people be?
Lord it's gonna slip into the sky away
And that will be the reckoning day”

Poised between Heaven and Hell
He thought the world would slip away
And he prayed to the God he loved
To love him on that reckoning day
Francis tried to bring Heaven near
A Heaven that is for all
By praying for his fellows here
And loving those who never cared at all

Deep within that mountainside
The same voice did say
“Francis, show this world who I am
Show them my love will never fade away”

And he came out of his cave...