It's hard to comprehend the type of battles that You fought,
In a far and distant place so many years ago,
Warfare without weapons with invisible silent armies,
And a stranger end than we could ever know,
And the enemy he smelled victory as he watched You go to die,
And as he saw the life blood sapping from Your veins,
He said within his darkened heart "This kingdom is all mine,
Soon I'll count my treasure and soon I'll count my gains,
'Cause the victory is mine today, yes the victory is mine to stay!"

The people who had followed You were lost and in despair,
Huddled close together in a locked and darkened room,
The vision You'd presented them seemed smashed beyond repair,
No glimmer of a hope to brighten up their gloom,
And the enemy he laughed loudly as he watched them seal Your tomb,
He smiled and contemplated all the battles he had won,
And deep within his fortress he addressed his many armies,
With a mighty shout of triumph said, "The celebration has begun,
And the victory is mine today, yes the victory is mine to stay!"

But deep within his dungeons, a Spirit swiftly moved,
With a greater power and purpose than he could ever know,
And his laughter turned to terror as You shook the worlds foundations,
And his evil armies fled as Your power began to grow,
And You said, "Where is the victory you claimed not so long ago?
That victory belongs to ME!"

Now Your Spirit roams this earth in all power and in dominion,
For every man to have if only they would see,
And the evil one still battles 'though he knows the war is over,
And very soon he'll be condemned for all eternity,
When You return in triumph soon to gather in Your people,
And peace will reign forever in new heaven and new earth,
And we'll shout and sing in triumph that the war is finally over,
And You will be the centre of our praise for evermore,
And the victory shall be complete, yes the victory shall be complete.