She was a common or garden flower,
She had a job, poorly paid by the hour.
She could afford the odd nice thing to wear
If she spun out her money with care.
But when the baby was on the way
The boss called her into his office to say,
I'm sorry, love, I'll have to let you go,
Though life may be hard for a while, I know.

Poor little common or garden flower,
You look so sad an' tired and wan.
Who's gonna care for you now
Your bloom has all gone?

She rang her boyfriend every night,
Hopin' that he would see her right,
But he would never answer the phone,
An' when she called he wasn't at home.
Then, when her sweet little boy was born,
Just for a while he mind was torn -
Whether to keep him or let him go,
But in the end her heart said no.

Poor little common or garden flower...

Now she's a single-parent file
In the Social Security system while
She fights to try to make ends meet -
Maybe she's livin' down your street?
So many flowers that bloom unseen,
So many stools to fall between;
She struggles from day to day to live
But she's got a lot of lovin' to give.

Poor little common or garden flower...