Met a man who had a mission,
Said he could save my immortal soul.
He said, Son, with your permission,
Gonna make your spirit whole.
Well, won't you come down here into the water,
Let me wash your sins away.
You know you should, I think you oughta
Meet the Lord this very day.

I don't wash what isn't dirty,
I don't fix what isn't broke.
Now you may think I'm kinda quirky,
But I'm not laughin', 'cause it's no joke.

He said, I heard this very mornin'
That the Lord is comin' soon.
What would you say if, without warnin'
He should walk into this room?
I'd say, I've been there, had the heartache,
There'd be nothin' left to say.
I gave until there was no more to take,
I knew no other game to play.

He said, Son, you've had your warnin',
I won't pass this way again.
Don't you know the Lord is waitin'
Just to take away your pain.
I'm offerin' you a full redemption -
It's a sure an' certain thing.
Won't you sit an' rest your burden
In the shadow of his wing?