Unless it's familiar, I just can't believe
In going to heaven when my time comes to leave.
Unless it's place like those I know well,
Your dream of heaven's my vision of hell.

I want you to tell me what heaven is worth
If it doesn't remind me of life here on earth

Unless there are mountains like those that I know,
Unless there's a sunrise, I won't want to go.
Unless there are seasons like autumn an' spring,
I'm telling you now that it won't mean a thing.

Unless there are sunsets and music and wine,
When the Archangel calls me I'll have to decline.
Unless I can take all my friends with me too,
I don't want your heaven, I leave it to you.

Unless there are questions, and answers to find,
Eternity's gonna drive me crazy, out of my mind.
Unless I can travel, and not just arrive,
I can't see the point in being always alive.