The mood is right, the band is tight,
The old guitarist starts to play,
But in the middle of the song somethin' seems to be wrong,
An' then I hear the singer say,

The singer says:
Oh-oh, I got the lost note blues,
Don't make no difference what song I choose,
Ain't got no magic in my blue suede shoes
When I got the lost note blues.

So come on, everyone, join in the song,
We gotta find that lost note somehow.
It may be short, it may be long,
But someone's got the lost note now.

Try as we might, we can't get it right,
No-one's hit the lost note yet.
If we can't get it right we can't play on tonight,
So this could be the end of the set.

Now in a corner of the room the deaf man starts to croon
In his old familiar tuneless way,
But then he clears his throat, an' he hits a note,
An' then I hear the singer say,

The singer says,
Oh-oh, you found the lost note,
You gonna make the headlines in the daily news,
You put the magic back in my blue suede shoes,
Now we got no lost note blues.