Love is a crime!
I can't believe it.
Love is a crime!
No, no it's not true.
Love is a crime,
You'd better believe it.
Love is a crime
Between me and you.

He meets her at the hospital in his car,
She sits in the back, that's the way things are;
They're breakin' the law if she sits at his side,
'Cause she is black an' he is white.

They drive down a dusty road after dark,
Find themselves a place to park.
They talk for hours, just forget the time,
But they can't forget that love is a crime.

On the edge of town there's a place they know,
Where people like them can always go,
Where a friend is a friend, black or white,
An' they talk about peace all through the night.

In a break in conversation there's a knock on the door,
Voices shoutin', Open up to the law.
We've come here tonight to lay it on the line -
Don't you know that love is a crime?