We're all livin' in a land where no-one cares;
You don't get on the bus if you haven't the fare;
We're all running after something, but we don't know what,
An' we don't give a damn for the things we've got,

An' I say:
Give me a little of your day, an' I'll give a little of mine.
No time like the present, no present Iike the time.

There's an old man livin' at the end of the lane,
Since the neighbours left it hasn't been the same.
No-one comes to visit him any more,
Only ghosts of the past knockin' on his door,

An' he says:
Give me a Iittle of your day...

There's a young girl cryin' in a top-floor flat,
With no lover, just the baby an' a small black cat.
She's cryin' for the things that she'll never own,
An' she feels like a leper 'cos she's all alone,

An' she says:
Give me a little of your day...

There's a couple that I know, livin' on the dole,
An' I've seen what it does to them, body and soul.
If you haven't got a job then you don't exist,
You're just another of the numbers on the workshy list,

An' they say:
Give me a little of your day...