The prophet said:
'How long will it take
'Til you make your mind up
You people must know
It can't all be true
You got to make your mind up
Soon... Soon...

Soon... Soon...

A god of stone
What power does he own?

That's what the nation wonders

Or a God who's known
By the things he has done
And all his mighty wonders
Choose... Choose...

Choose... Choose...
And the people said
Mmmm... Mmmm...
Mmmm... Mmmm...
The prophet said

I stand here all alone
For the God of power
You people must know
There can be only one
Who is the God of Power
Choose... Choose...

Choose... Choose...

Let's settle it now
For once and for all

We've got to find the answer

You call on your gods
I will call on the Lord
Let's see who gives the answer
Fire... Fire...

Fire... Fire...
And the people said
Well... Well...
Well... Well, well said!

So they came to the mountain
From every direction
Both people and prophets
Together they came
False prophets, four hundred
Who worshipped Ashera
Four hundred and fifty
Who called on Baal's name

At the break of the day
They got ready a sacrifice
All laid out on wood
Then they called to their god
That they needed some
Fire... Fire...
But it
Did them no good
Did them no good
Did them no good

You must shout louder!

Came the prophet's taunt

He must be walking!

Out for a jaunt

He could be thinking

Is he deep in thought

He's just too busy

Will it come to naught?

Oh, oh, oh! What can the problem be?
Oh no do not forsake him
Is he drowsy? Is he deep in sleep?
You'd better try to wake him!
Shout louder!

They cried
'O Baal, answer us'
Early in the morning
'O Baal, answer us'
In the noonday sun
'O Baal, answer us'
On towards to evening

And they cut themselves
And they danced around
And they prophesied
But it did them no good

At Elijah's command
All the people came nearer
A stone for each tribe
Numbered twelve stones in all
An altar prepared
In the name of Jehovah
His moment had come
He prepared to enthral

He said

Pour it on the sacrifice


Pour it on the wood

Bring it again
And again and again
And again and again...

Water everywhere
If any God was there
And able to concur
Then he had to be good

Answer me, O Lord
If not I stand here on my own

O won't you

Answer me, O Lord
Or everything I had is gone

You know that

This is the day
This is the hour

Lord, won't you let these people see

For you to demonstrate your power

Lord, won't you set these people free

Answer me, O Lord
God of this people's history
As in the past you showed your power

Through Abraham

Father of nations

Through Isaac

His promised son

Through Israel

Rules with Jehovah

Show it right now
Dear Lord
Through me!

God answered with
Fire... consumed the sacrifice
Fire... burned up all of that wood
Fire... reduced the stones right to the ground
Fire... licked up the water all around

Fire! Fire! People amazing
Fire! Fire! False prophets dazing
Fire! Fire! Temperature raising
Fire! Fire! He made his answer with Fire!