My life was over
Deep my despair
No hope, then suddenly
I looked and he was there
I didn't ask the reason why
I gave him all I had to give
I though that I would eat and die
But he said, 'Eat and live'
The God of love he served
Had seen me desert bound
Far more than I deserved
He turned my life around

I must try not to
Care for him too much
He's on a higher plain
Yet has the common touch
His country is a better land
He's working to a higher plan
And yet I'd like to understand
The essence of the man
My life was such as mess
No comfort could be found
Then from my deep distress
He turned my life around

It seemed contentment
Was here to stay
Then what I treasured most
Was cruelly snatched away
Suddenly my life was worse
Than it had been before he came
It seemed like the most awful curse
Was I the one to blame?
Heart overwhelmed with care
Hope trampled on the ground
Then with a simple prayer
He turned my life around