Tell me Lord
What have you done
With my peace of mind
Tell me Lord
Where are you now
Why is my heart so blind
Why don't you speak
Shout loud and clear
If only to remind
Me that you
And all you do
Gives me a purpose

This icy wind tears me apart
I can't get warm it cuts my heart
O won't you speak why don't you start
To let me know you're there
To let me know you care

The earth is shaking I can't stand
My heart is breaking take my hand
There is no faking all I'd planned
Depends on what you say
What have you got to say?

And now it's burning all around
How my heart yearns to hear the sound
Of your sweet voice, I'm on the ground
Unless you walk with me
Unless you talk with me

Tell me Lord...

Now in the stillness you reveal
That others feel just like I feel
And suddenly this peace is real
Now I can give again

Now I'm released from my despair
I understand how much you care
You give me courage I can dare
To start to live again