When you can't fathom the reason
For what somebody's done
They've ripped open your heart
With a smoking gun,
And you pick up the pieces
Of what's left behind
In the cold light of day
There's only one thing on your mind

What you've got to do
Is abundantly clear
Revenge is so sweet
Its all you can hear
Running high
Your feelings are running high

You want to get even
Your minds on one track
What you have been put through
You want to give back
More problems created
But you don't really care
Must pay for the damage
Is the only thing that seems fair

Hold back for a minute
What will this achieve?
Will you really feel better?
Are you being naive?
Being angry is one thing
But you must rise above
What will the response be
If all you give back is love?

What you've got to do
It isn't so clear
Is revenge really sweet?
Or does it just end in tears?
Running high
When feelings are running high